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Co-Parenting Convos: Holiday Planning.

‘Tis the season for this timely “Co-Parenting Convo” where we will address a practical issue that might make or break your holiday season: How to get your holiday plans sorted in advance!

Anyone with a co-parenting relationship that has lasted longer than one hour will understand the importance of addressing scheduling matters in advance. However, that doesn’t make them any easier to sort. For those of you who have a court order to follow, this might alleviate most issues that arise, such as, the date, time, location, and duration of your child’s holiday schedule. Unfortunately, there are those that have orders that don’t specify these considerations, or some of you don’t have orders at all. Regardless, these tips can help anyone!

Our first tip is to plan as far in advance as possible. We are all busy and the last thing any of us needs to do is to coordinate for holiday schedules at the last minute. If you haven’t already started the holiday coordination process, there’s no better time than the present! (See what we did there? Present? Holiday? Okay...on to more tips!)

Second, we suggest that all communications related to scheduling be done in writing. This can be through email, a co-parenting platform app, or even text (if you can do so in clear and concise manner). We find (and our clients agree) that using a written means of communication allows both caretakers the ability to check their respective calendars and come to decisions with the same information. This often eliminates unnecessary miscommunications when the time to execute the holiday plans arises.

Third, we suggest that no matter what items must be sorted between caretakers, that each present more than one option to the other throughout the process. This means, unless your order states otherwise, neither caretaker should be dictating to the other what the schedule should be. Instead, provide options to the other and communicate why you chose those options. If you are upfront with what your schedule already is, then there is less back-and-forth between you two with tidbits of information during each communication exchange.

Finally, and most importantly, until there is an agreed upon holiday schedule, caretakers should NOT be discussing any matters with their child. This can lead your child to experience needless stress during a time when all they should be concerned about is spending time with those who love them.

So, get started solidifying your plans now, so you can have as restful a holiday season as 2020 can lend to you and yours!

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