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From Mrs. to Miss Independent: Clarkson v. Blackstock

It’s that time of the month, friends. Gather around to hear about the next case pending on our Celebrity Docket. This afternoon, we have the divorce matter of Kelly Clarkson vs. Brandon Blackstock. You are most certainly familiar with the award-winning singer and former American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson. However, you likely have not heard of Brandon Blackstock. It turns out that Mr. Blackstock is not only Ms. Clarkson’s husband, but is also her current manager. That little factoid could be interesting if things get heated in court. According to celebrity news sources, such as People, Ms. Clarkson formally announced that she filed for divorce from her seven-year marriage in the past month or so. The parties share two children together. So, what happened and why is Kelly filing now?

Like millions of married couples in our country for the past three months, Ms. Clarkson and Mr. Blackstock self-isolated together at the height of the pandemic as they adhered to stay at home orders. As they isolated together at their Montana ranch, it appears that some of their former marital difficulties surfaced to a point where Kelly felt she needed to make a drastic change. Sources are not fully clear on what the specific marital issues are that led to her filing for divorce, but it’s safe to say that after spending nearly three months with someone in isolation, things often become a little clearer, for better or worse, in a relationship. Easily overlooked issues are no longer as easy to sweep issues under the rug in those circumstances. Ms. Clarkson filed for divorce in California, the parties’ legal residence, stating there were “irreconcilable differences”. She also listed her date of separation as “TBD”, according to news sources. For many couples in states like California, this is often a way to get the divorce started, or to get the ball rolling, as we say. Notably, if the parties lived in Virginia, “irreconcilable differences” and putting “TBD” as date of separation would not a thing! No matter whether parties are moving forward with fault based or no-fault divorce grounds, a date of separation is critical for a final resolution of a divorce.

Unfortunately, like Kelly and Brandon, many couples have experienced heightened marital stress and, sometimes, the ultimate breakdown of their marriages while amidst lockdown. Every couples’ situation is, of course, different. For Ms. Clarkson and Mr. Blackstock, it seems that their shared lockdown experience was the ultimate straw that broke the camel’s back for their relationship. Only time will tell how amicable or messy this divorce will be as it moves towards resolution, but one thing is for sure, Kelly may finally feel like she can breathe for the first time in a long time.

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