Practice Areas




It's clear that things are not working out, and you need someone to help ensure that you're protected. We're here for you.


Custody & Visitation


Your children are the most important thing in your world, and we get that. We're here with the information and tools that you need.


Child Support & Spousal Support


Determining what support is needed can be complex. We can help to calculate the right amount of support based on the facts of your situation.


Prenuptial, Post Nuptial & Separation Agreement


Court action doesn't have to be the method to address your legal matters. We can help you take control by negotiating and drafting agreements, so you can have control over your situation.


Enforcement of Orders 

& Show Causes


Sometimes court orders aren't followed. Regardless of whether you are trying to enforce an order or defend against an alleged violation of an order, we can help.


Protective Orders

We help to ensure the appropriate issuance of protective orders when warranted and necessary.