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Celebrity Docket: Dr. Dre v. Ms. Young - Not So Single Yet!

For today’s celebrity docket, we're checking in on one of our prior Celebrity Docket cases: the matter of Dr. Dre v. Ms. Young. If you have not yet read our previous blog on this celebrity couple, click here to read “The Case of the Missing Prenup….or is It?”

The update is that Dr. Dre’s attorney, Laura Wasser, according to a recent TMZ article, is asking the California court to “bifurcate” the divorce case into two different trials. This is a fancy way of asking the court to divorce the parties first, so they are “single”, and then determining property issues during a multi-day trial at some point down the road.

As for the property matters, as outlined in a recent Daily Mail article, it appears that the main legal issue that the California court must consider is whether the parties’ “prenup” is valid and enforceable. This is an issue because, as stated in our prior blog, Ms. Young that Dr. Dre, allegedly, tore it up two years after the parties were married. Ms. Young, of course, wants to show that there is no longer a valid prenup; however, Dr. Dre wants the prenup to be enforced as if he never had the intent to tear it up and forget about it! This is probably because the prenup mainly benefits his property interests. Dr. Dre’s attorney, according to the Daily Mail article, will likely argue that the parties’ prenup had a clause stating that the only way the parties could change or amend the agreement was through another written agreement. In plain meaning, it shouldn’t even matter if Dr. Dre tore it up, as this act alone should not legally void the agreement. In Virginia, if a prenup has a specific clause stating that the only way the agreement can be changed, amended, or terminated is through another written agreement signed by the parties, this clause would likely be enforced. So, in Virginia, Dr. Dre is likely to “win” that argument.

Second, as for Dr. Dre’s request to bifurcate the divorce case into two stages, his attorney is arguing, among other things, that this divorce has become so contentious that it would be best for all parties to simply get on with it. Then they can worry about property stuff later. While Virginia courts do have the power to divorce couples first and have a later trial on property matters, this type of request is rarely granted. Virginia trial courts prefer to hear evidence from both parties to divorce and divide property at the same time/within a few days/weeks. For Dr. Dre, we will see if the California court grants his request to split these matters. Suffice to say, Dr. Dre and Ms. Young do not appear like they will be done litigating any time soon. Sorry, Dr. Dre, you’re not single yet!

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