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Co-Parenting Convos: Summer Camp Planning!

In our prior “Co-Parenting Convos,” we talked about helpful tips on vacation planning with your co-parent/co-caretaker. This week, we’ll talk about what might be a category in the “vacation planning” umbrella: summer camp. Before we dive in (pun intended!), always look at your controlling order and/or agreement before you do anything else! If you don’t have an order/agreement, consider the following steps when considering your child’s summer camp participation:

  • Begin as early as possible - By communicating and planning for your child’s summer camp now, not only can you and your co-parent/co-caretaker iron out the key details of your child’s summer camp to prevent any unnecessary stress, but you can also ensure that there are many options of available camps for your child to consider.

  • Decide if you and your co-parent/co-caretaker will be planning together - This might seem counterintuitive to a co-parenting blog, but if you and your co-parent/co-caretaker can’t agree on your child’s participation in a particular camp, that doesn’t mean your child can’t take part at all. This simply means that you’ll be the only one ensuring payment, transportation, etc. are addressed. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that your child’s participation doesn’t interfere with the parenting time of your co-parent/co-caretaker. (*Special Consideration: If you’re thinking about an overnight summer camp for your child, it might be best if you and your co-parent/co-caretaker can at least discuss and agree on that aspect before finalizing any summer camp plans.*)

  • Iron out the details - In the event you are working with your co-parent/co-caretaker to ensure your child’s summer camp participation, make sure to decide how costs will be divided, transportation will be performed, and how/when make-up parenting time will be accounted for if parenting time is lost.

Whether you and your co-parent/co-caretaker are working together in planning your child’s summer camp or not, you still need to ensure communication after the details have been completed. Written communication is always preferable since we all have a lot going on. It never hurts to be able to double-check as summer plans draw near.

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