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Co-Parenting Convos: Communications Platforms.

It’s time to read up on our new “Co-Parenting Convo” where we will discuss a handy co-parenting tip to help with your communications during this holiday season and beyond: Create a central communications platform for you and your co-parent!

Whether you live in the same area as your co-parent or you’re halfway across the world from them, communication about your child’s schedule will likely be the primary subject matter between you and is likely to continue until your child is an adult. This could mean the next 18 years for some of you! Schedules can include those for sports activities, academic calendars and meetings, homework, doctors’ appointments, and logistics for holiday travel (and fill in the hundreds of other items that arise). With the increased use of technology, there are no excuses for calendar communication confusion (say that three times fast!) between you and your co-parent. Many co-parents now use co-parenting apps and shared online calendars to ensure everyone is on the same page and staying organized.

Whatever, and however, you and your co-parent decide, it's important to remember that the more organized you are with each other for the wellbeing of your child, the more stable and secure your child will feel. So, take some time this week to reassess whether your co-parenting relationship could benefit from the use of a communications platform. Research some co-parenting apps through an online search, or simply create a shared calendar on your phone for this upcoming year. Think about it as your end of year resolution...one everyone can benefit from!

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